Environmental Health enforces the law
Control Catering helps you comply

Easily manage:

Control Catering is the total allergen solution for Caterers

Helping Caterers create recipes, incorporate them into bespoke menus, automatically manage and identify allergens, count calories, train staff, control kitchen costs and profit.

Automatically import food data from catering suppliers and track suppliers’ invoices and pricing changes.

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  • Provide essential & legal information to staff and customers
  • Identifies allergens automatically from recipe to menu
  • Adjust recipes for customer lifestyle preferences
  • Identify and avoiding risk of cross-contamination


  • Create recipes
  • Combine recipes
  • Consistency of food offerings, standards and portions
  • Saves time - lessens errors
  • Import into different menu templates
  • Embed menus directly on your own website


  • Automatically calculates calories in each dish
    (will be law soon – get ahead of the game!)
  • Dietary and health information to staff and customers


  • Provides training material
  • Recipes with procedure pictures
  • Assists with staff assessment

Cost Control

  • Automatically costs dishes
  • Sets profit margins
  • Tracks changes to costs and updates selling prices
  • Menu costs for easy reference
  • Changeable VAT calculation


  • Pricing changes automatically updated to recipes
  • Compare pricing and quotes from different suppliers
  • Track supplier price increases and discounts
  • Import supplier data and invoices
Embed your menus directly in your website

The above is an example of a menu entered into Control Catering with alergen and calorie information as part of each recipe that goes to make up the menu. Any changes to the recipe or to the supplier product automatically flow through to the customer facing online and printed menus

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